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Born June 13th, 1989 in Bristol, Pennsylvania Elokk was quickly exposed to hip-hop in a juvenile detention center, he used the lyrics and poetry he started to write as an outlet to escape the harsh society he faced in his environment. 

Years later, suffering from physical and emotional trauma, Elokk NEVER allowed 'Guillian Bare Syndrome' to overcome his life! 

Having chosen to 'fail forward' after spending time in California, Elokk has a newly invigorated drive to pursue music on a more personal level for him and his fan's sake; all the while taking care of business to feed his family.

Word From Elokk:

The ultimate goal? To have a voice in our generation. To gain fans who appreciate my music along with the passion behind it. But most of all, to gain respect and credibility in the process of this crazy journey!

Demo Track:

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