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August Artist Spotlight

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Each month we will be highlighting one of our phenomenal vocalists. This month we are talking to T-Ravill.  We asked him some questions about his personal music journey and what drives him. Read on to get the scoop on what makes T-Ravill tick!


CMV: Tell us about the inspiration behind your music.

T-Ravill: My biggest inspiration is how much music can help people. Growing up, I literally had no one after my mom left and my father passed away. I was taken in by my uncle, however, my cousin abused me and when I spoke out, my sister adopted me. She was a full time student working two jobs and my brother in law was always working, so I was alone a lot. I was made fun of and bullied at school, so I felt I had no one. I always found myself writing poetry and listening to music to fill the void. I was homeless at the age of 19, two weeks prior to graduation. I had a mic, my school laptop, and a basket of clothes. With $40 left to my name, I recorded a project, and drove all over PA selling the album just to be able to eat. I started doing shows and making connections. Now I tour the nation and have met many great friends doing so. I write music to touch lives, because music has always been there for me.


CMV: One of my favorite songs is off your album Labels, called “World Peace”. How did this song come about?

T-Ravill: My producer, Snake Beats, made this beat for me after my biggest single, "Escape the flames ft. Brixx", came out. With all the racism, bullying, hatred, and negativity in the world, I wanted to write a song about how much better this world could be. This will forever be one of my personal favorites as well.


CMV: You have a new album coming soon! How's that going?

T-Ravill: My new album is so close to being complete. The title of it is Black Rose. I worked with copious producers really putting together my own style. It is a great sound, mixed with the influences of old Hollywood Undead and XXXtentacion. It has a lot of strings and ambient sound. One song called "Fathers Day" is the most real I've ever been on a project. I speak out about the day I lost my father and well, I can't tell you the rest, because it will spoil it. My favorite song on it is "Don't Cry". I truly sing my heart out on this project. I called it Black Rose, because no matter how hurt, black, tainted, or dead something looks, that doesn't mean it isn't still blossoming into something beautiful.


CMV: We are so excited to have you as part of the CMV family!! Anything you want to tell our fabulous customers?

T-Ravill: YES!! Keep cheering! Never give up!! You can literally do anything you want! I am very honored to be a part of your projects and if there is anything I can ever do, just let US at CMV know! If we work a lot together, I would love to personally thank you!


Check out the music video for his hit single, "Escape the Flames".